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Originally Posted by Devious21 View Post

Sorry to hear that. Is there any footage of that show like you had of the other one?

But hey, if it was good enough for Jim to take a piece, at least you're on the right track . Imitation is sincerest form of plagiarism or something, right?

If it makes you feel better, I've heard many variations of that joke for quite a while. Along the lines of "what's more likely. A virgin birth or that a loose woman named Mary lied to her husband". So, it really comes down to the presentation. Did you feel that Jim's was very similar to yours? Or was it just a joke on the same topic?

As a side note, the Immaculate Conception refer's to Mary's birth, not Jesus's virgin birth.
My last show on youtube is under "doggy max" coz my friend can't spell!

In my show in NYC I actually talked about Mary talking to Joseph...or something like that...but Gaffigan was there that night performing...

There was a professional comedy writer there performing and she hung with me and my friends afterwards for a while...but I did my Ben Moore bit at gotham, and then 2 weeks later it's on the daily show.

I guess the virgin mary isn't new comedy material, but I don't believe in coincidences...and not three within a few weeks. I have to keep my eyes open and mouth closed!

Mary was immaculately conceived...I thought that was Jesus' conception. You sure about that?

So Jesus comes from Mary and Joseph, not mary and an invisible rapist named God? I'm a horrible Christian, so I don't know!
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