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After more thinking, I realized that the FPR only determines fuel flow back through the return line. Herp derp. So the plumbing is actually perfect. Full flow back to return at idle (big vac.) and minimum flow back to the tank at boost. With that in mind, Amazon prime will be the end of me. Bosch genuine 4.0BAR FPR and E39 fuel filter with exchangeable FPR (with 3.5BAR FPR) by Mann. All for $89 shipped? That is one hell of a bargain. 2x OE-Quality FPR + 1x OE-Quality fuel filter for what many people pay for the E39 filter/FPR alone.

Somehow I found myself looking at port/polished heads, custom sumps, crank evacuation pumps, injectors, cams, and B30 intake manifolds. I might have a little bit of a problem. It did lead me to discover that the injectors that come with the AA kit are as good as it gets for that flow rate, so kudos to AA again.

B30 intake manifold is coming. I can feel it. I just need to actually drive the car instead of just work on it.... THEN I'll work on it some more. Trans fluid/filter + actually installing the center ball joints instead of just looking at them is coming this week. I finally get a break from classes, though our 'fall break' is thursday and friday only. Hopefully the magic of Prime will let me install my fuel system stuff then as well. And I've begun on a journey of finishing someone's motor swap and electrical gremlin hunt in a boston green E34 525i. That's just.... oh man.

Also whole the Rollers are incredibly fun to look at and drive, they are nightmares to work on. 6.75L V8s in both of them with GM Hydramatic 3-speed transmissions. The vert is one of about 3200 built with a kerb weight of somewhere around 5100lbs dry. The Silver Spur is one of about 6200 produced. Power production on both is similar to a ZHP at 177kW. Ofc the E46 is one of who knows how many million.
AA Stg2+ 325xiA? Are you stupid? Maybe a little.
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