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Originally Posted by dmax View Post
Well, it's hard to say if it's oil or PS fluid when it's all filthy. But the ofhg wouldn't leak to the top.

It could also be the vanos oil line I try tightening that? Also, make sure the inside of the oil filter is clean...and also, I don't think this matters, but make sure it has it's o-rings at the bottom of the filter cap.

OFHG is a simple repair...and a $10 part. For $1300, I'd drive to Dayton, do it, take you to dinner, and drive back!
LOL. Yeah, I can order anything off the $1 menu for dinner, right? The new cap had all the o-rings installed, including the two green one on the filter stem. I will try to tighten the banjo bolt on the vanos line and double check the o-ring on the cap. The groove is pretty big so it not hard to put the oring in the right place.
2003 325i 104,000 miles
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