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Originally Posted by aznniche View Post
i've got stock 255's with 10mm spacers and they dont rub at all. are you happy with the drop? wish the rear was lowered a tad more so the tire sits right under fender, but overall, its a clean look. i just added stoptech x-drilled rotors with akebono pads. pretty much dustless and not noisy at all. did my brake flush while i was at it. easy diy altogether.
I am running 275 in the rear so that is about 10mm extra... I am pretty happy with the drop -- not too low that it looks extreme. The ride is not bad but stiffer as expected.
As I am not the original owner, the rear fenders appeared to have been rolled but seems like not completely rolled since I don't know how the original looked like. The inside part looked as if it has been rolled upward but only very slightly. The tire rubs just a bit, so I figure if the fenders get rolled a bit more aggressively, the rubbing will go away. It sucks because I really hate to have to remove the rear spacers. They look just perfect. Worse case I can go with 5mm.

I am not sure if I'll replace the stock brakes ... too much money :-).

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