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^ this guy makes my goal for an aluminum intake manifold seem minuscule.

way to **** all over my dreams man...

hopefully with head work and cams i can too reach my nearly 200hp/l mark

Originally Posted by 325CiMaN View Post
Yes there is. How do you think they make 500hp n/a Chevy 350s? If everything flows right and has the fuel to back up the extra air then it its totally plausible. Right nite i am working on a m54b30- s52b32 hybrid between the two, because they share the same crank, so basically a dual vanos s52b32 with an aluminum block. I'm going to squeeze as much power as i can na then boost it with a super charger.

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you do realize the setup to pull all the N/A power from a motor is completely different than making power on boost...

stop playing Need for speed

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