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Just called Bavarian Auto Recycling.. first off I want a newer CD53 so I can have OEM Sirius.. he said they very rarely get radios in...?!?! So all the wrecked cars they get in don't have radios? I don't get it. He was kind of rude, which is what I was expecting honestly. Anyway, I have searched high and low, and cannot find a OEM Sirius tuner anywhere. Anybody know where to get one easy? I'm going to try some junkyards in the coming weeks for the headunit, but most of the ones around where I live and even up in Birmingham tend to have older vehicles in the yards. What about recommendations on aftermarket stuff? I would rather have OEM cause I'm just like that but I guess I could be open to something else. Any help?

You can add on a Sirius Satellite radio tuner to both the Dice Duo and the Dice Mediabridge that we carry. You get full control via the radio and steering wheel controls over the unit, and it works as the OEM would. Please get in touch with me directly if you had any further questions!
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