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Originally Posted by dmax View Post
Cross posted. Thanks for that! So Mary wasn't from a virgin mom, she just got papers saying she was 'clean.' Nice!
Basically it's all about "hey kid you shut your gd piehole about your mom and I when I'm talking to you about doing the Jerusalem back alley goat dance. You're mother is a saint, a saint, do you hear me, you was lucky god gave you to her now shuttup and listen because if you keep f'g all the sheep and shite and can't keep your Barabus out of the Jezebells, first you're going to end up like the lepers and leave your tip somewhere forever because its rotting off and second because you cant go all David and have like 30 kids cause im not like a king over here im a gost herder and we need to control this population thing. If dudes just keep popping out kids with every slack jawed pretty-ass inpontious impious they meet at the Casbah we're gonna starve to deat"h...

(There I've finished my day of rest by postulating that the religion of my forbearers was merely a Roman population control scheme, good night!)

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