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Originally Posted by illestminimike View Post
That Porsche is fvcking sick.
+1 that thing is amazing.

Originally Posted by E46Mango View Post
I ran 40 psi all the way around. Wasn't sure if running more would've helped? I'll try more next time.

tape is so i dont get sand/rock-blasted. obvious, no? tape is cheaper than paint.
If you were already running 40, any more pressure would have helped. You exceeded the limits of the traction on the tires. Simple as that. The solution is to either not autocross, or pick up a dedicated set of tires.

The wear you got is much less than what I did to my V12s are about a month of driving on them.

Originally Posted by PH03NIX46 View Post
Nice! Looks like fun...

I keep trying to convince my friends that this would be 10 times more fun than hammering on the gas pedal and running 12s/13s at the dragstrip. Not many people seem to be as excited at the thought of auto-x as myself..which is unfortunate.
Most people I know that are into care prefer either drifting or drag racing. The drift stuff is cool I suppose but nothing does it for me like autocross (and someday HPDE's as well).

Originally Posted by fiveightandten View Post
Awesome. Tons of fun, isn't it? Great to hear you had a good time and took something away from the experience.

That's an *expensive* autoX. But to get that many runs and that little downtime, i'd pay that for sure. Too much downtime and not enough runs at the clubs around here.
$75 is definitely more than I've ever paid to to autocross, but with that amount of runs and only brief waiting periods, I'd say it's well worth it!

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