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Yeah. I guess the trouble code 7 I was getting wasted of some truth. It said my led, siren, tilt and motion sensor (the last 2 I don't even have so at least I could narrow it down to 2) was either grounding out our open circuit. Anyways, i was going in that area to attempt and install my own customizable alarm system, thanks to the influence of your diy. I was actually using your guide as a reference, that and a wiring schematic I found useful being able to give me a technical layout of my gloves box compartment. I found a shock sensor by dei for only $13, which I stumbled upon in accident while on my search for that relay I needed. Now let me ask you, I saw a DIY guide in regards to this shock sensor thing and the person said they had wired it up to the hood pins connection. The sensor didn't come with any instructions but not seems pretty straight forward, however what is your recommendation on a good wire to feed off of.? And say i do decide to go off the hood, would you recommend adding a diode or does it matter? By the way, I stopped my installation only because I saw that not only you but the manual for my control module on this siren I bought did so as well. They said it'd be better to isolate the armed ground wire coming off the starter killer or something from my siren. Not sure why but it looks like I need several diodes. The door contacts, hood/trunk pin switch and others only are of different wires yet must connect to limited wires on my module. Before, i didn't feel it necessary to install an alarm system but i saw this voice module siren, something I always wanted back when it first came out and was extremely cool to have and nobody really had it, but now is ancient history. Since it has now faded away forever forgotten to our civilization, i decided now would be the time to get the unit for myself, and it helps it has become affordable. What i like about this particular siren is that it allows up to 9 customizable warnings and you can use the siren with a mic as a public announcer. I was thinking of some cool possibilities and so far thought for lock unlock chirp be either r2d2 sounds or maybe that noise transformers make while transforming. For the warning, maybe the clip off star trek from the ships computer advising of the auto destruct sequence initializing. Would that be cool or what? Lol.
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