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Thanks gys. Cyberkaa eh? Sounds like my kind of guy. He probably even has access to software and know how's that i would find invaluable. I'll keep on the lookout for him. Perhaps him and i could team up and make the next move and break into the pros and tackle CAS, allowing practically all bmws up to date to make their own keys. The funny thing is, I do hate working on cars, but for a bmw, i can always make an exception. I didn't even find any interest in working on my baby at all until 6 months ago when i had the infamous expansion tank go kaput. After googling it, it just sounded like theoretical physics to me. I didn't even know how to do an oil change. When I had it towed to a "buddy" of mine who owns his own shop, I felt in great hands, having been warned ahead of time by this forum not to take it to bmw. I come pick up my car, anxious, only to get royally slapped in the face with a $620 bill. I swear I saw that parts, including water pump and thermostat should run me around mid $200. Where is the rest of my money going.... Oh, right. You. From that day forward, while I was scrubbing the filth and dirty feeling off me in the shower, I promised myself never to allow myself to be raped again. I was on a mission. I would learn to defend myself and equip myself not with a taser or mace, but a socket and a ratchet. There were a few times (4 but i lost count) that i was again taken for a ride by bmw. The only reason why I even allowed such heinous crimes against humanity to occur was because it was a toss up between ordering it online, saving butt loads of money, and waiting god knows how long to receive the part and install it while my baby sits in the garage on life support, the injury she sustained leaving her garage ridden, or take one for the team and get her running that day. I had no choice. What bothers me more than being victimized by bmw is not being able to drive my car. I try and proactively do preventative maintenance but sometimes, it goes before you realize it happened. PO didn't take good care of it I don't think. Anywho, I've changed so many parts on her mostly preventative maintenance so that I could keep track of its maintenance records. In total of 2 years as an owner, the cel has only been off for maybe 3 months total. Still, it's so hard to divorce my crazy ol' lady. It's a love hate relationship, her and I.
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