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Not really sure why all the negative comments. the guy took time and did a good write up, sick video, and finished a process on his own. Everyone knows an aftermarket paint job never works out and vinyl is almost as expensive. His car is prolly worth less than 10K (nothing wrong with that) So instead of wasting money like some people on here (estroil, laguna seca, flat black, etc on cars that arent M's) he got a totally different look for a few hundred bucks. Great job man and thanks for taking all the time to post. And for the record I have seen the new M5 in a matte estroil blue finish from the factory (what I was told atleast) and it was hideous. His look peels off if its hideous the rest of you wasted a ton of cash on a car that isnt worth much to begin with. Take the negativity somewhere else....

Great job again and thanks for the post, I enjoyed it.
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