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Originally Posted by eneka View Post
Just came back from a trip from SF->LA.
Going up i went 65mph to whole way on cruise w/ a/c off averaged 28.5 mpg
Coming back down I drove a bit more aggressively although mostly averaging 75mph sometimes hitting 90mph...but got 30mpg.
That should be considered good right? since our cars are rated 26 highway..I just thought it would be higher since our minivan with a 3.5L v6 can easily do 30 mpg while cruising and has more horsepower than a zhp LOL

First time I drove the bimmer this far as we usually take the minivan (and it just had to be the weekend gas spiked up LOL)
I would say that's good haha Running down there, I think I averaged 27 mpg down and back but I tend to have a speed addiction on I-5 I also had my car stuffed to the gills. I made it from North LA (where I sat in almost 2 hours of traffic) to Gilroy on 3/4 a tank. Problem is I left North LA with 3/4 a tank Running on fumes.

I have noticed that it seems like the sweet spot is right around 80 mph. That's a Jeremy Clarkson excuse but nonetheless...
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