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Originally Posted by fiveightandten View Post
Agreed. That's twice what I pay...and i'd gladly pay it for the schedule he's describing.

As a side note...where are your numbers Mango?
There was just a sign that shows numbers as you cross the line. nothing on paper (not sure how they usually work.) but I was doing between 41.5 and 43 seconds (a couple of high 40s runs when I first started) but the fastest miatas (actually all the miatas) were doing 38 seconds consistently.

Originally Posted by Wh33lhop View Post
Nice! I've gone to a few autocrosses in the e46... But always drove friends' cars I know the open diff would piss me off. Are you hooked? When I first started going I went every weekend for 2 months.
Definitely hooked but i also don't want to abuse my car.. my wheel bearings were already somewhat noisy before the track event and now they're LOUD. autocross killed them! they were booming around on the course and it was bugging me every second. ordering them today.

Originally Posted by GSherbs View Post
Track & autocross days are one of the best ways to learn the limits of what your car can do!

Highly recommend it for everyone - at least occasionally. It can be hard on your car if you do it regularly.
i agree. don't want to do this all that often! i wonder who here goes a lot and how does their car hold up?
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