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Originally Posted by Basketcase View Post
curious if anyone else has the issues where the screen pixelates in areas and stays all blocked out until you touch that spot. its annoying big time!
I have seen this on a few cars and while I dont really understand it, I have found that its related to the cars ibus interfering with the dynaivn units screen via the OBC/PDC function. Reprogramming the ibus box with the alternate programming that removes these functions, seems to fix the issue. Dynavin is working on a more targeted fix but if your car does not have PDC (most E46s dont) then you are only loosing the OBC screen.

Originally Posted by Basketcase View Post
and i my iPhone 4 pairs every time perfectly but i cant get the Navi side to connect to it for internet and such. not sure why.
Connection to android is via wifi, not bluetooth. Your phone needs to be capable of creating a wifi hotspot.

Originally Posted by Basketcase View Post
sound like the stereo plays full volume and then when i turn the ignition off it cracks to full volume for a split second as the power shuts off. any idea what causes this? i feel like its all programming and me not setting something up right. but it seems self explanatory..
Is the AMP setting in the factory settings menu set to none or common, is your setup all stock or do you have aftermarket components?

Originally Posted by cdm3 View Post
Still no hd radio and satellite radio? Any plans to get current in the USA?
Not that I know of.

Originally Posted by Deanorth View Post
I really wonder if one good solution would be:

Get a D99 plus, and insert in the middle a plug and play solution like HELIX PP50 DSP or match PP82 DSP.
That will allow a very good amp, and dsp fonctions, things that are missing on a dynavin.
the dynavin would then be use only for the on screen display.
In my personal car I have a dynavin and a JBL MS-8 that does all the sound processing, works good as the dynavin looks and acts like a stock unit, but I still have all my high end sound processing with the MS-8. The MS-8 has an Aux in for a direct connection, I compared it to feeding the sound in via the dynavin and couldnt really tell much of a difference so I just use the dynavin as my source for everything now.

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