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Originally Posted by Mallee View Post
I've had the SMG pump replaced twice now. (both under warranty) Initially when the cog light came on the car seemed fine I assumed it was just a random code and booked in to see the dealer, unfortunately as time went by engaging gears in the morning was less and less reliable.

After reading a lot here, and wondering at likelihood of the second pump failure in under a year I enquired if it could be the relay, I was told that while the relay was failing, the cause was the pump drawing too much current, in turn causing the relay to burn out, so a new relay would just mask the issue.

I can't say I trust information the dealers repair centre give me... but this did sound plausible. (but I'm not a mechanic.)

I'd say it's certainly worth pulling your new relay and taking a look at it, along with getting the codes read, and perhaps implementing the heat fix.
Yea they told me it was the pump and I had just bought the car from a reputable dealer and it is under warranty, the dealer said other dealers will sometimes tell you that in order to charge more however it would solve the problem but a pump may not be needed. The car seems to shift fine even in the morning and since the relay was replaced I dont seem to have any gear-shift issues im going to try the resistor mod and hopefully that eliminates the cog light from coming up aka the temp sensor. I guess if it still comes up it would be a faulty pump under which case id take it and get it replaced under warranty. Some other forum users have said that theyve got their pump and relays replaced and the light still comes up in that case it would be the faulty temp sensor, thats why Id rather try everything else first before replacing the pump... thanks for the info

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