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Originally Posted by I*do*Werke View Post
Well for 10k you could have an s52 swapped e30 that is super clean, very fast, and reliable. I found a track ready e30 for 7k. Boom, extra 3k right there.

And for 20k you could have 2 of the aforementioned e30s, or 5 very clean stock e30s so when one breaks (which it probably wont) you have 4 more to drive. Hell, I bought my immaculate 1991 325is for 2k... at that price you could have 10. Think about all the bishes you could pull when you tell them you have 10 bmws
i've thought about a swapped e30. very seriously. but for dd status i don't want an e30. it's too old for me. i'm so tired of crap breaking. first the check panel reads wrong. then my cluster goes out. then my seat wont incline. then the ebrake won't hold. then you find rust somewhere. then an axle goes out.
i love the e30's i really really do. but i couldn't replace my e46 with one and that's essentially what i'm doing with this potential car.
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