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Originally Posted by dmax View Post
As I recall with the injector clips...just pull the rail up, put the clips on the 'rail' that has the injector connectors on them...then push it down. The clips will click into place. Easy peasy!

Glad you found the problem...and hope you figure out your CEL. If you haven't cleared codes, that might disappear after the car gets used to running without a major leak.

I didn't come back in to read the above post until after I had been trying to get them on for a good hour! After I read this post I went back out and they went on with out a hitch. If only I knew.

And you were also right about the missing bolt not causing a vacuum leak. I cleaned the MAS this morning very very good and the EML light came off afterwards. Though, the DSC light has seemed to stay on along with the service engine light.

I'm not that worried about the service engine light because I know I need to get new garments for the valve cover gasket. There is oil getting to the spark plugs and I'm fairly sure that is whats causing the check engine.

As far as the DSC light ... I'm thinking it could be because one of the connectors isn't making a good connection and needs cleaning or possibly the MAS still?

Anyways the car is running much much better today. It revs up without issue and has power. Still have a lot of work to do, but the biggest problems I think are in the past!

Thanks again.
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