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Okay, I have decided to order Bilstein Sports, and stick with the original springs since they are still in one piece. I am still confused as to what kind of mounting hardware I need. Bavarian autosport has a convoluted selection of mounts, reinforcements, strut bearings, gaskets, pads, shaft protectors, and 'mounting kits' which seem to include hardly anything I need, plus more items I'm not familiar with. This is what I need help with most. Which parts do I need?

I'm not sure where exactly to look for subframe damage, but I'll look for a diagram on the forum unless someone can tell me. I removed the rear passenger side wheel and had a look all around under there to try and see where these noises are coming from, but I didn't find anything. However, when it comes to suspension, I don't really know what I'm looking at.

I will look into replacing the sway bar end links, tie rods, and trailing arm bushings if I have any money left over, keeping in mind that I will need an alignment, but I don't honestly know what any of those things are. Ughhh... I feel kinda helpless with suspension stuff.

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