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Originally Posted by DRICHFL View Post
This is some of the damage done by the fan blade. My Transmission Oil Cooler got destroyed. It is difficult to get the transmission's quick connect to disengage from the oil cooler. After struggling with the transmission hose with no success to get it lose, I was wondering if cutting the transmission's hose behind the quick disconnect would cause a problem. If I install the cut transmission hose onto the new oil cooler with a clamp, will it hold or will it have to much pressure and cause a major leak.

Thanks for any suggestion in advance.
might sound crazy, but spray some wd-40 in and around that quick disconnect. i fought with my ps cooler lines when doing this repair awhile back, and after at least an hour of cussing at the car, walking away for the night after spraying wd-40 on the connection made for a 30 second disconnect the next day. if you must cut, i'd recommend buying a new line, just a little bit more piece of mind down the road. how did your hood fare during the fan explosion? i had at least one blade try and make it through my hood lol. left a nasty gash in the insulation on the underside of the hood as well as taking out most of the hoses, the radiator, and a power steering line. i also support the mech-> electric fan swap. good luck man.
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