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Originally Posted by klax View Post
Mango has provided some useful information for those looking to work on their cooling systems, I'll give him that. It is his overbearing attitude and the condesending tone of his posts that are nuaseating. His berating of those just looking for a fix to get their car back on the road with his: "Replace it all!" mantra has brought a negative quality to the board.
I'm not sure why the administrator puts up with it.

Mango: Not everyone here gives a rats a$$ about replacing every nut and bolt down to the engine block like you've done to your car. There is a world out there beyond your car...
As much as I agree with him about what he says, going into other peoples' threads asking about which mods they want to do, advice on a mod they got, etc. and responding with "Go do your cooling system and everything else to your car, read my signature" is entirely inappropriate. It does not answer their question, nor was that something warranted. They didn't ask for maintenance advice. They asked for information about some mods.

It's almost like he's got a hugely inflated ego for the fact that he has a sticky and wants everyone to know that he has a sticky on the biggest E46 forum on the web. Yes, awesome, he has a sticky with useful information, congratulations - stop flooding the damn forum with the same old phrase over and over so people go and read the very top thread on the forum that everyone sees in the first place.

If you really have a problem with people modifying their cars rather than fixing everything that has any wear, go into the forced induction, software modding, and car care forums and post in every single thread to do your entire sticky. Let me know how that works out.

He's right, he's done a good job compiling information, why does he have to force it down everyone's throat? Jesus. I'm spending more time at ZHPMafia where we all actually talk about useful things rather than listen to someone shout about how you need to replace everything in your cooling system if your temperature sensor o-ring is leaking. It's almost appropriate that Steve Jobs is in his quote - Apple is the company notorious for replacing absolutely everything to fix something rather than small parts.


I'm aware of the things that could happen to my car.

I know the cooling system is brittle.

I know my fuel pump could fail.

I know my suspension is "totally shot"

Shut up and let me do what I ****ing want to do to my car, I will refer to all of those threads when I get around to those items. It's no skin off of either of your bones if my fuel pump dies, or if my cooling system fails, or if my ride isn't as good of quality as it used to be from the factory. If you lose sleep at night over me doing what I want to do with my car, then you need something better to do.

You did your part, you made the threads, some are stickied, all of them pop up on the first page on Google when you search it, everyone has the information they need now. You're being rude by stating it when people didn't ask for it.

Give. It. A. Rest. And let us work on our damn cars.


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