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Originally Posted by got330ci? View Post
It's deff. enough info for a good start. I have a few buffers so i'll try with those for now. Now to purchase said compounds tommorow and take it from there. I will deff. hit you up if complications arise. Thanks!
Ok first when you just said I have some buffers that worries me. You should find out what buffer you have whether it's a dual action polisher, rotary, or just an orbital buffer which is useless and better known as a wax spreader because it doesn't have enough power to really do any correction or remove clear coat. I can't stress this enough because I would hate to see you get upset if your using the wrong polisher especially if your just learning. Rotors = lots of power and for an experience user and not forgiving. Dual action polisher= less power and uses the oscillating motion which makes it safe and user friendly for begginers and also professionals and it forgiving but still has plenty of power do do plenty of correction. So let me know what you got.
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