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If you pause the video at 0:51, you can see two things.

1. The tire marks on the ground are not only from the rear tires. You can see where one mark lines up with the other one. That truck WAS in 4x4 more until...

2. If you look very closely, the front to tires are towed in. Looks like that truck go broken by a just a little VW. Grip wasn't the limiting factor here, drivelines were. And the Chevy's failed.

If you listen at 0:38 you can hear something in the front of the truck break pretty clearly, then the truck starts to be pulled backwards by the VW.

From 0:04-0:06 the driver of the chevy actually says "I'm gonna put it in.... lockin it in...." which if he finished the sentence would probably mean locking it in 4x4 mode.

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