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Originally Posted by DeclanM3 View Post
Haha. Trying to eat lunch, pretend to be listening to a colleague and type on my phone all at the same time.. Multitasking fail!

Note Aaron, I'm not trying to have a go. Just saying I think there are 2 kinds of drivers, those who want refinement, luxury, usable power and reasonable handling but don't often out of their way to find a twisty road where they can have some fun and probably wouldn't consider tracking their car.

There are then the drivers who intentionally look for a route with twisty roads, go on specific drives to good roads, go to the track etc. and would prefer a raw handling car with great feel, raw sound over something newer.

Then is there a third kind of person who wants the best of both worlds. I think that's all of us but none of us can afford it
agreed...i dont go to the track or have any intention to now. as for twisty roads, the 335's ability to eat them up exceeds my driving ability so there is no problem there. i dont think im lewis hamilton!!

i love the tech and refinement of the 335 and its useable power. which is why it gets my vote =D

Originally Posted by rossim3 View Post
This young buk knows what he is talking about. Besides the photo taking part. I doubt people take photos of 335. They are way too boring looking
i promise you they have. i too wondered why they were.........but this was back when the facelift vert JUST came out...........possibly BMW fanatics,

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