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Originally Posted by MJ80 View Post
lol because i have to have sold my 325i before i can purchase a new car and all ? i have two cars you muppet, i can sell the 325i whenever, or keep it for however long i want and not have bought the new car, i just drive the weekender. I dont need the cash from the sale of the 325i before i can upgrade and im not going to be without transport when it sells. Quit trying to be an armchair expert on my financial situation and piss of unless you actually have something to contribute to the topic.
Apologies, my mistake, I did not realize you were part of the rinehart family.
Ill keep my mouth shut from now on and only converse with my own kind, ie members who own only 1 or less cars.

I'm no genius or mega rich mining magnate like urself but as money isnt an issue why not just get an e92 M3? Best of both worlds is it not?
What's 50 grand to a ma'fkr like me? Can you please remind me.

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