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Originally Posted by Chris3Duke View Post
It never hurts to look at rings together at some point to get a sense of what she likes, especially in the cut of the diamond (round, princess cut, asscher, etc.), the materials for the ring (yellow gold, white gold, platinum, etc.), and other diamonds.

For me, I got a sense of the diamond cut and material (she liked Platinum, surprise). Then I chose everything else. However, I let her custom design a bespoke wedding ring (not the engagement ring). So I picked one, she picked one.

I think chicks love it when you make some of the choices, as it's a gift.
Makes complete sense. I mentioned it to her that if we decide to get married sooner or later or at all, I would like her to have a ring she would be happy with; so I suggested we go look at some rings together. Her persona definitely got super happy and excited and today she woke up all smiles--ha, ha.

I did some research on family owned jewelry stores in my area, and we will be visiting them next week. I will then decide on a ring and surprise her soon.
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