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Originally Posted by rossim3 View Post
How come your username is purple?
I bought some parts off Tim330i and he missed sending them by a couple of days. As an apology he upgraded my account.

Originally Posted by aar0n_91 View Post
agreed...i dont go to the track or have any intention to now. as for twisty roads, the 335's ability to eat them up exceeds my driving ability so there is no problem there. i dont think im lewis hamilton!!

i love the tech and refinement of the 335 and its useable power. which is why it gets my vote =D
Exactly. Nothing wrong with that at all. My point is that there are 2 kinds of drivers and depending on which kind of driver you are determines which of these 2 options is better for you.

To be clear, I don't drive my car very hard on the street. I save that for the track because I know my abilities and would prefer to push them in a controlled environment.

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BSCC members get that sh1t
Well there's that too! I'm more of a tag along than a member though

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Since when is an E46 M3 a super car?
Since I beat your mum in her e92 M3 round the track... Didn't you see my signature on her breast when she was feeding you?

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