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Originally Posted by manywelps View Post
Yeah, if you read the other thread, he bought it for $22k and tried to flip it for $26k, leaving off the history.
I actually bought it for $25,750... and none of that "history" has officially been verified. If you actually read the thread you linked here, you'd realize that I am NOT the person who was originally selling the car to the poster talking about the car's history. Nor did I have any knowledge of it when I bought the car. As I stated in that thread, when I did my PPI before I bought it, the BMW dealership stated that the only paintwork on the car was to the front bumper and one of the fenders. They didn't note any sort of abuse and the car, overall, checked out fine for the age. I'm actually planning on calling Classic Car Club NY to find out from the source more about the history on my car.

And I'm not sure how the car is exactly "expensive." I never see Z4M Coupes priced below $25k even with 90k miles. Hell, Z3M's with the S54 and 74k are still going for the same price.

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