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Originally Posted by MJLavelle View Post
Having raced Miatas for years, I can say that they can corner to the point of making your neck sore (no kidding)! Their light weight is easy on even the stickiest of race tires too, which is a bonus. Mazda actually made a coupe version as a test (genuine roof, not just a drop on hard top). I cant imagine how much better that car would have cornered with the additional structural stiffness. But they decided very few people would want a Miata with a permenant roof, other than racers, which was probably the right call.
Too bad the Z3 member matched their level of performance. That was a major lost opportunity on BMW's part. It is strange how two cars that look so similar on paper could end up so different.
Sorry, but I still have a soft spot for Miatas! If they had made a NA version with a small V6 and about 100 more HP, I probably would never have bought a BMW.
Yeah I kind of thought of the idea of wanting to get one... but then it would have to be exclusively a track toy and it seems everyone at autocross has them for the sake of getting fast lap times--the same times as everyone else. It was funny, every single miata got the exact same time every time. Makes me wonder if they're just too easy to drive fast due to being so small and light? Not challenging???
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