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Originally Posted by Broke_Man View Post
Anyways, wanted to give some props on a clean build.
One question I had though was what did you use to black out the window trim? I have seen so many different techniques; plastidip, powdercoating, rattle canning, vinyl wrap, just wanted to know what you did.
Nice Editing work! Pic looked good! I appreciate it! Getting close too pulling the trigger on some other random mods that are soon to come!

- Mtech II front bumper
- LED ambient lighting under door handles
- Bi-xenon: Morimoto Mini H1 5.0
- Corona Rings (Halo's)
- New Brakes

To answer you're other question, the trim on my car as stated by another member came in matte black. I did not have chrome trim. I do use trim dye, or gel based tire shines work well as a trim dye to really bring the richness back out of your trim and keeps them moistureized and healthy so they dont dry out and loose color.

Originally Posted by L0standards View Post
How many threads are you at in the front and did u have to spin them up alittle when you changed the tops
I have to double check I am not 100% sure, I belive I am about 11 thread up front. Before I put the camber plates on, I had the front coils spun all the way down with the factory top hats. The camber plates added lots of low. So I spun them up to about 11 thread up or so from there.

Originally Posted by ZHPinthe103 View Post
When are you intalling a Mtech 2 front bumper? And can you please make a DIY about it..i cant find a really thorough diy about it.

Not sure at this point and time. I might have sourced someone near me who I can get one from. I can assure you though that I will make a wonderfully detailed DIY on Installation! Just keep Checking in to the thread!
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