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Originally Posted by fiveightandten View Post
Gotcha. 0.5 isn't much. Your toe is already pretty minimal, so you'll probably be fine.

Good luck with the bearings.
They're very maneuverable. But with such a short wheel base, they can be less stable and more finicky to drive than something like a 3 series. It all depends on how they're set up though. I see some Miata guys swapping ends any time they make a mistake. You have to almost be trying to loose control of a BMW out there.

I keep up with most of the NA Miata's. Some of the FI ones are real fast though. There are a few at my local club that are pushing out some nice power. They're lighter, smaller, more maneuverable, and faster than a 3-series. There's just no way to match their times. Though, the satisfaction of having a refined, pleasurable daily driver like a 330i, that's also very capable out there without any modifications whatsoever...that's worth its weight in gold, IMO. It's all about enjoying the car and learning. There will always be someone faster. Having fun and improving as a driver is
Very true. I didn't let the faster guys bother me at all. I enjoyed just learning my car. And I agree the 330 was very hard to lose control of... it was very stable.

Originally Posted by choxor View Post
I demand gopro footage of future mango autocross action (MAA).
I agree man. I wanted one bad that day. I would do 5D Mark II footage but need a sturdy mount first
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