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well, yes I saw that thread. And ofcourse he's got the right to believe in anything he wants.

But when it comes to healthy eating and diet and stuff hes strumming some right notes. I just want to know as a person who is in tune with diet and eating like he seems to be, does he believe in this alkaline water which is pushed as miraculous /more healthy aternative?

from reading it seems

1. You cannot alkalize water. This is chemically impossible. Unless my college chemistry fails me H20 is a balanced molecule. An acid is a proton donor( H+) a base is a proton accepter(or a hydroxide ion OH-). Water is already balanced therefore no net affect on ph should occur.

2. Even if you were able to alkalize water, it would take an enourmous amount of slightly alkaline water (they claim a ph of 9) to dilute out the acidity of a healthly human stomach.

3. Even if I was wrong on 1 and 2 above, and you were able to alkalize water, and you were able to akalize your stomach thus alkalizing your body.........the result would be death.
The human body exists in a very small ph range(7.4) and a variance outside of this could lead to very serious consequences including death
any real science behind the quote above?

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