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^Some science is correct.

Alkaline means anything with an hydroxide anion (OH-) attached to it, which makes things basic. So alkaline=basic. Elements in groups 1A and 2A in the periodic table react with water and make themselves alkaline (basic). That is why they are called "alkali metals" and "alkaline earth metals" respectively.

For example, Na + H2O -> NaOH + H2 (not balanced, but balanced equation would read 2Na + 2H2O -> 2NaOH + H2). So sodium hydroxide (NaOH) that is formed will be basic (pH>7).

Now let's talk about making alkaline water. That would mean a chemical reaction of the type: H2O + OH- -> ???? Yeah this reaction is not allowed by itself. However, this is valid for "distilled water" only (nothing but H2O). When you pick up a water bottle from a vending machine or just from tap, it will contain all kinds of other minerals and elements in it. This information is not printed in the nutrition facts labels in the USA, but check the following brand of water (sold in Turkey):

As you can see, there are other elements, e.g. Sodium (Na). So by controlling the amount of Na in water, you can make the water as basic as you want. As far as I am concerned, I don't like to taste as pH goes well over 7, I like my water somewhere around pH 6-7. I have had waters in the past with a pH as high as 8.5... Yuck!!!

As for the health benefits of "basic" water, I don't know. Soaps and detergensts are basic, and they are known to have disinfectant properties (ph 7-10). Maybe water having a little of alkaline properties is also good for detoxification.

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