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Originally Posted by bwallace530 View Post
Is it white smoke all the time and have you smelt your exhaust to make sure it doesn't smell sweet at all. Also smell your radiator to make sure there's no oil in there.

Also check your oil cap to make sure no white stuff is in it.

This all should take you a few mins Max so get back when you check it all.
I turn the car on while is cold and lot of white smoke came out. I turn it on whole the car is normal level and no smoke comes buy some water . As I let the car idle . White smoke keeps coming out and it seems like it gradually increases by every 5minutes . My tips seem to have water in them . I check my oil cap and looks normal . My radiator seems to have a leak somewhere as there is water down there . My exhaust smoke seems like some toxic smell very strong , I don't know how "sweet" smells like . The smell is not in the engine bay or inside the car. Only on the rear where the tips are .
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