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Originally Posted by Wickedly View Post
I turn the car on while is cold and lot of white smoke came out. I turn it on whole the car is normal level and no smoke comes buy some water . As I let the car idle . White smoke keeps coming out and it seems like it gradually increases by every 5minutes . My tips seem to have water in them . I check my oil cap and looks normal . My radiator seems to have a leak somewhere as there is water down there . My exhaust smoke seems like some toxic smell very strong , I don't know how "sweet" smells like . The smell is not in the engine bay or inside the car. Only on the rear where the tips are .
The sweet smell I'm talking about smells like radiator fluid. Cup your hand by the exhaust and just pull a little bit of exhaust to your face its not going to hurt you unless you stand there for 20mins smelling the exhaust. If you have a sweet smell/taste its your head gasket.

You should probably take your car into a shop or if you know how to do a compression test and have someone to help you do that I would do that.

Sense the smoke is always there.

If you can get a vid I could probably tell you right away if it the head gasket just pm and let this thread be for headers.

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