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Originally Posted by E46Mango View Post
My friend is a pro detailer and he showed me the fine art of steaming the interior. And he just handed it over to me and I went nuts. Steamed the seatbelts too. It's an actual steam wand that emits pure steam. No liquid. so theres no messy wet soapy mess to deal with. The heat kills bacteria which kills odors. My interior looked great before but now looks immaculate x10. It just gives everything a consistent matte finish exactly the way it looked from the factory. definitely going to buy one for myself. The steam just melts everything away... we even steamed my trunk keyhole.... :-p

This is the exact one we used: - Wagner 915 Steamer this is another level. I steam-cleaned my carpets and I thought you meant this same but this is something else. I'd love to try it. I steam my shirts and the steam emitted from my unit is hot enough to burn your hands.

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