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Originally Posted by ating View Post
^ Miss325 - was that your car recently showed at the Sydney All Stars event?
It was, why do you ask?

Originally Posted by wc325i View Post
I will most likely get it repaired. Hopefully the fitment will be good and i do want a dyno to see the gains. According to schmiedmann theres a +20HP and 37NM gain on a 330.

Also, normally how much does it cost to get a dyno done?
Sounds like the right move to me. Very keen to hear what your gains are too as it would give me an idea of what I could expect with my car (dying to get my exhaust system flowing nicer as I would imagine there would be a small power gain to be had).

I've had my car dyno'd 3 times, and for the life of me I can't remember how much it cost. I didn't have it dyno tuned though, I just collected my graphs and figures + ECU and sent them away to AA for the tuning. From memory it wasn't a bank breaking excersise at all though.
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