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The hole in the outer black rubber bushings are offset slightly. This outer bushing is a big heavy solid (except for the offset hole) bushing with large shoulders. I put the offset towards the inside as per the Bentley and PowerFlex instructions. You could orient them to the center or to the outside if you felt that that was an advantage as per some of the discussion in the earlier part of this thread. I used a press at work to push the black bushing into the lollipop, they press in with much less force the the steel/rubber OEM CABS and could be done with a bearing press or even a vise with some ingenuity.

The inner purple bushing is a hard slippery polysomething plastic bushing with a large shoulder which fills the space from the shoulder at the end of the steel control arm and the black bushing on the lollypop when installed. The supplied washer prevents the poly bushing from riding up the arm. As you have surmised this fills the space perfectly and gives the proper measurement from the hole in the control arm to the Lollipop.

Installation is a breeze as the poly bushing slides easily onto the control arm shaft and into the black bushing especially with the supplied grease.

This is the second install of CABs on both my car and my girlfriends car and I would never go back to the OEM style.
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