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Originally Posted by 325xittt View Post

I think this is a noble pursuit, please keep us informed on you progress. Figuring out how the make a replaceable BJ on the control arms would save fanatics tonnes of $$
I've been eying e36 ball joints as well as a possible press in for the xi control arm. I think there is a Mercedes BJ thay may also work. I've two sets of old arms I was considering experimenting with. The outer ball joint casing is really pressed in hard. I've tried using a cold chisel to pry the casing out but it will not budge. It may have to be cut out. The xi outer ball joint is surrounded by a rubber damping sleeve which in turn is captured by the outer casing and a bottom cap. Do the e36 balls have a rubber sleeve surrounding the BJ.
thanks, saw the price of the control arm, and didn't really wanted to shell out that much for just a ball joint replacement whiles the arm is perfectly fine.

My E36 M, which requires you to buy new control arm when the ball joint wears out are equipped with Myle HD e30 Ball joints. Alignment are dead on specs.

One problem i noticed with the removed ball joint was that, the iX uses an offset busing ball-joint which i believe induces more camber (or caster?)

Does anyone know what the OE front alignment spec is on the IX?
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