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Originally Posted by E46330iguy View Post
So basically as The reviews come in we can safely say that the new Iphone is a total waste of money?

Originally Posted by E46330iguy View Post
Ps the phone is 3 years old in that picture, I have an S3 now
lolol, you do know what "PS." means right? You are making yourself look like a complete moron. AlphaWhiskey was a HUGE iPhone hater at the beginning of this thread and you can see his post bellow...

Originally Posted by alphawhiskey View Post
What reviews are you talking about?

I was a die-hard Android fan with a Galaxy Nexus, flashing ROMs nearly everyday. I tried out the iphone 5, and it completely changed my image of Apple. The iPhone 5 is the best phone I've used--period. It's not revolutionary in innovative new features, but it is probably the most refined, most usable phone in the world.

The performance is stunning. You just won't believe how fast everything is. Everything opens and functions nearly instantly. LTE and the internal components work so well together, you have to use it to appreciate it.

The screen is GORGEOUS. Hands down the most beautiful screen you will ever use. It almost gives everything a 3D quality. Everything pops.

Battery life after the Verizon patch has been AMAZING. I am getting over 1 day on standby and 8+ hours of usage. That is with heavy usage and 5 push email accounts. I don't baby the phone at all, and it goes from the minute I wake up to the minute I go to sleep with plenty of room to spare. That's with a little LTE, some gaming, phone calls, messaging, browsing, etc.

If you get a flawless unit, the unibody construction is beautiful and the thinness is welcome. Button presses aren't as good as the 4/4s, but still better than any Android phone.

Is the phone perfect? No. IMO, the screen could have been bigger, the keyboard can be updated (like pressing and holding a key to get a number or alternate character), and quality control can be beefed up. The way you move icons around the homescreen is also completely silly and annoying, and there should be an app drawer and notification setting toggles.

Use it, and I guarantee you won't be disappointed. It does everything you need (the basics) so smoothly you won't care about widgets and customization.BINGO

I think the only negative reviews I've read concerned quality control or manufacturing defects: cosmetic damage out of the box. There is an issue with purple flare with the camera, but I went through my old Nexus pics and noticed that had the same problem too (not unique to the iphone 5).

I also bought an S3 to compare, and returned that after a couple hours of use. The lag on that phone is ridiculous for its performance specs. I am sure it is touchwiz, and that a ROM/kernel would make it fly, but the only advantage I saw to the S3 was the screen size.

Quoted because I am glad you came around

Originally Posted by M3Inline6 View Post
I bit the bullet and ordered the iPhone5. Let's see if buyer's remorse (..my usual affliction) kicks in once I receive it. I'm holding onto my Google Nexus S just in case.
You won't regret it. Give it at least a week and you WILL be addicted. I have yet to meet a new iPhone user that hasn't fallen in love with the phone.

COMPLETELY worth the upgrade if you have the option.
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