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OP, if this isn't a troll, then I'd just say a few things.

First, are you a moron? Really? No insult intended, but if you are, I'd probably respond slightly it's a serious question. I'm not saying you are one...just asking.

Second, no need to do all the work you're planning.

You can just piss on the car without removing I think if you get some on the fender, it will look cleaner, in that it will be a blended, purposeful look...not like you just happen to have a rusted hood.

If you want the look sooner, I know from a related experience, that if you just spritz gasoline on the hood from a spritzer bottle and ignite it, eventually you'll remove all the paint.

I'd probably remove the hood and its insulation first though.

Gently spray the fenders so you don't ignite so much gas that you burn your car up.

Also, to protect your rusted finish, I'd recommend that you sand it down thoroughly, coat it with a few coats of primer, body, and then clear coat.
Have you Mangofied your car yet?

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