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Originally Posted by smares21 View Post
You have sharp eyes (or not so sharp on some, as a few of them are definitely fantasy watches). There are 30 watches in the case. There are 18 reps and 12 gens. You are correct on most of your assessments of reps vs gens. However, the main one where you are wrong is the HBB Maradona. Its a gen. My wife got it for me for my last birthday. The Franck's are gens as well as the Omegas. Tank is a gen. One of the Flying B's is a gen. Etc.

Thanks for the clarification, and kudos on the Maradona, certainly a good piece. However, I don't understand why you would post the fakes on here without first mentioning that they are 'fantasy' as you coined them. It would certainly have saved an angry reply on my part. I apologize if this may have thrown you under the bus.

Lastly, I'll give you the biggest clue as to how I figured out the fakes:

One does not put a $80,000 AP Barrichello in the same box as a $1,000 U-Boat. One who owns a Lange would be embarrassed to show off a Tag in his collection. If you want to make it believable, you should play the part.

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