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Originally Posted by Big Rick View Post

THANK YOU! I was so zoned in on finding the best price on the shocks and springs... I didn't hunt well for the other stuff! I truly appreciate the effort!


EDIT: So the heavy duty rear shock mount is not really needed?
No problem! The only thing I missed after reviewing is the rear shock lower mount nut. I couldn't find a PN but I didn't really look all that hard...

The heavy duty mount isn't worth it IMO. I run OEM mounts with reinforcement plates and have no problems on MN roads.

Originally Posted by Big Rick View Post
Thanks guys! I'll be ordering the parts soon... I'd love to do the work myself but threw my back out when I did my rear rotors, brake lines, caliper painting, bleeding, etc... Is this going to be easy enough to do in my garage on jackstands or would it be easier to try to get with one of my dealers and use a lift? Or... What do you think a fair price to pay to have the stuff installed?

I know I'll have to get it all realigned when I am done...
It's a PITA no matter what you do. The lift will obviously be easier but it's not impossible to do it with jack stands.
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