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Originally Posted by JonJon View Post
The point of the videos is to have someone watch and form their own opinions. The fact that someone can't watch a couple small vids on a topic and needs someone else to spoon feed them an explanation sorta outlines the problem right there.
Thank you. You raise a great point about spoon feeding. Everyone is used to being spoon fed their "news" their food and their laws without ever questioning the motives behind them. The "proles" have been taught to embrace conformity via the television and to reject outside ideas which cause them to question the little bubble of false-reality that they live in.

If you are willing to accept things as truth or safe because some "official" says so or because it is "legal", without questioning the motives behind it, then you are essentially an unconscious being that does not know it is unconscious. You are being steered to think and behave in very specific ways.
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