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Originally Posted by sedanpowersc View Post
I already knew that and i understand, im just asking, he never said what he gained 20whp from so i was confirming that it was in fact from just headwork. By that notion i should make ~215-220whp with headwork and my cai and exhaust considering my car makes anywhere from 190-200 stock

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He has stock un-ported heads. Headwork will get you very little gain without support from other mods. The head may be restrictive, but only once you open up the bottle neck of the stock exhaust manifolds and even more-so once you have cams. Headwork would be the very last thing I do to an engine that is breathing as well as it can everywhere else. Otherwise you will see very little gain from your money until you do everything else. Headwork will act like a multiplier to every other N/A mod you do. If you do nothing and only headwork, it will net you almost nothing.

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