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Originally Posted by JTripper View Post
Hey Mango "the guru" whats cracking bossman:
Ever hear of "greased lightning"?, it used to come in a purple bottle, now its yellow! I swear by this stuff! Add that to your steamer and i almost guarantee whatever you clean with have renewed life.
I've detailed many of my cars with this. you can use it on any fabric, i clean my sneakers with it too- KEEPS THEM FRESH FOR YRS. I've gotten stains out of my silk shirts, revamped a cream interior (G35)- used it on the headiner too. I havent gotten around to using it on this new e46 baby in my fleet, the car came pretty clean. The interior is black only my headliner is gray, so no rush to clean 2 4mm spots. It can clean plastics, metals, woods, removes just about anything blood and wine too. [i even throw it in my laundry sometimes- white clothes only though]when using it on leather dilute it jusssst a liiiil bit. Not too much- when its in it's regular state out the bottle it works too well on light colored leathers- so move fast or you'll get lil spots that will appear brighter than the rest of the upholstery. I used to be able to buy it in auto zone, now i mostly only see it in family dollar.
Nope. I usually don't like to use too many products. I was advised to never ever ever add anything to the steamer. thanks for the tip though

Originally Posted by serdar255 View Post
THANKS for the idea mango, just ordered it. Going to go all out interior, exterior, brakes, under carriage and suspension.
wow. good man. let me know how it works. i'll be getting one myself

Originally Posted by Schlag96 View Post can steam my undercariage anytime.


wait... can dmax watch??
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