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Originally Posted by Wes View Post
Miles invited me to his warehouse because he wanted to show me a package (little did I know, it was his package). I got to the warehouse, opened the door and immediately knew something was off when the lights were off (but the candles were lit) and he was standing there, in his outfit, spanking himself.
Originally Posted by GRIFFIN View Post
she does. put when I give her that ring she wins, and the doors are closed.

but then I can have affairs. Or wait til she leaves me in 18 years and then date my daughters friends.
...and then you can use your ring as an IUD. Make sure also, that your ring is sized so you'll be able to get it off! (You ever see the movie HELP?)

Wes, congratulations, btw, that was a great post of yours. Would read again!

(Miles, you don't get bothered by gay ribbing do you? Hope not. Also, be careful with candles in the warehouse, please!)

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