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Originally Posted by patdeezy View Post
looks great C! nice reppin that EP mang!
Thanks Pat, EP for Life! haha

Originally Posted by zhp43867 View Post
It looks great now! I have always respected the widebody, but I almost never like how it looks. This is an exception. The execution and fitment of the wheels and body panels is top notch, and it looks clean!
Thank you, and I agree widebodies can tend to look awkward. They need to be slammed IMO to look good haha.

Originally Posted by ///Mostarac View Post
This is my favorite car on this forum...actually on ANY automotive forum. This is absolutely amazing.

PS. Any high-res shots? I need a new background on my computer
Wow Thanks bro that means alot. Truly truly appreciate that. I will see if I can find any hi res for you

Originally Posted by ///M3Turk View Post
Very nice dude. Makes me miss my M3
Thanks bro, and I bet your M3 was so dope!

Originally Posted by Ring Taxi View Post
Dope seeing a thread on this! Nice seeing you at M Pact homie!
Likewise Imraan, great to see you doing well. GL on your venture and def. love the m5.

Originally Posted by johnca View Post
Amazing love what you did on your car!!
Originally Posted by M3_Aaron View Post
I liked the louvers, the new colour looks sweet!
I really did like them on the dark color. But I felt they would look out of place with a lighter color. If I would of went black I would of kept them.

Originally Posted by Dean320ci View Post
amazing transformation!

Originally Posted by steve.k View Post
that car is amazing. i especially love the rear dish. chronic.
Thanks!, Ill always love having 6"s of umm.. lips. haha

Originally Posted by So Lowww View Post
You know I love it mofo <3

Now slam it on those new wheels
haha You know if I could I would bro. Theres not enough wheel well left for me to lower it since the bodyshop moulded the fenders to high up.

Originally Posted by Miss325 View Post
Car is looking good as always, and the grey is fresh!

I liked the louvres when your car was black as it was racey, now that it's grey though I think the shaved fenders really suit. Love the wheels.
Thanks! Im glad to see youre on the forums still! love your vert too!

Originally Posted by YGOAMG View Post
Love the amount of work thats gone into it!
Thanks, alot of time and work. But its worth it in the end.

Originally Posted by nojoda View Post
I love the fact you shaved the fenders! nice touch!

Originally Posted by PatmanSC View Post
So niiiiice.
Thanks! love your M, I need some power like you still.

Some videos throughout the years as well.

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