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Originally Posted by lcoleman View Post
Care to elaborate on this? I don't follow what you mean. I've always heard pump slow to get more fuel/less air, pump at night so it's more dense, don't pump after the tanker refills and stirs up prefer old pumps with no one else using them?
No no..use fuel stations with up to date pumps. That shows they make money because of people using them and they haven't been sued for something bad enough to bankrupt the owner. I usually use Shell when I'm at home, but when I travel I'll take Chevron. If there is nothing else around and I'm low then I'll pick a lower brand of fuel and try to avoid the smaller mom and pop stores just because I don't know.

You're right about pumping slow and when the earth is cooler. I've always done that but I don't know how much money you actually save. If I'm in a hurry I'll pump at full speed but most of the time I'll default to the slowest speed. I'll avoid my regular fuel station if I see a tanker refilling their tanks.

Originally Posted by E46Mango View Post
That's one barnyard of a post. You could mix a glass of water in a full tank of your fuel and likely not notice a difference. Not sure why you'd want to though.

Using the correct oil in your car is not only NOT more expensive than the barnyard oil you're using--it's actually cheaper!

You're actually paying more to screw up your car! Imagine that!!!
Show me hard proof that highly maintained engine using non BMW LL approved oil has rendered an engine as junk within 10 years of ownership and I might change the way I do things. My friend owns a BMW junkyard and most of them are either totaled from a crash or completely dead from no maintenance. What I do make sure is that I am using a product that is commonly used by the masses. I'm for sure not going to use ///M weighted oil in my engine. I've never heard any difference with regular weighted oils though. I don't get any ticking or abnormal sounds. I have once ran my oil down so low it didn't show on the dipstick. The oil level sensor failed and I totally forgot about checking oil so when I was driving against a wall I could hear a slight tick and I immediately knew lubrication was lacking.

I know my car very well as with many of you. I can tell when the engine is needing something or any other part of the car. I use my common sense on maintenance and it's never...never needed a tow truck since I've bought it 7 years ago. It's been a great friend to my exploring the world!! It's often driven by my best friend who is a BMW technician and he helps with any maintenance that I can't do on my own.

I follow my way of maintenance as a test to my common sense as well as so I don't become anal about this hunk of moving metal. I see many who get all upset & bitter over their maintenance which doesn't seem right. It's a car. It's your life. It can be fixed and replaced with money, so enjoy this wonderful machine with friends, without them thinking you're so in love with it that you'd take your car over them. That's my motto!
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