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My useless owners manual says:

If you are unable to obtain an approved
"BMW High Performance Synthetic
Oil," you may use small volumes of
other synthetic oils for topping up
between oil changes. Use only oils with
the specification API SH or higher

I'm guessing anything less than API SH is hard to find on a shop shelf.

I'll probably look for bmw approved LL-01 (I think that is all my car has seen). Does anybody know what it takes to be ll-01?
Is ll-02 ok? I'd pester my bmw dealer, but they do not care anymore - car is out of warrentee. I'm guessing any decent synthetic oil would
be just fine. Especially if we change once a year or 7500 miles, which ever comes first. I haven't bought oil for my bmw yet, it got bmw oil change before I bought it.
I'll use bmw oil again if the price is about the same.
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