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Originally Posted by sprintman View Post
The 5W30 is fine as long as it's a version close to a 40W and has a HTHS around 3.5. Most don't come close!
For those that don't know what HTHS is: High Temp/Low Shear
Low HTLS would give better efficiency or MPG. High HTLS gives more durability.

Mobil1 0W40 has a HTHS Viscosity, mPas @ 150C, (ASTM D4683) =3.8
Mobil1 10W40 High mileage is 3.9
Mobil1 10W30 " " " 3.5
Mobil1 10W30 (non high mileage) is 3.0
Mobil1 5W30 " " " is 3.1

The higher the number the better durability the oil has.
AND the High Mileage oil has a seal conditioner in it that the others do not.

ready for the flames....
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